Welcome to librali

(RM) I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the question: Why are you producing a new publication at the Foundation’s Cairo office, apart from the existing website, the Facebook page and other social media – not to forget librali.net with information about liberal campaigns in Egypt.

To this question I have two answers:

First, as some of you may know FNF Cairo has been involved in a number of activities promoting blogging. We believe that it woud benefit our credibility with partners and the public if we come up with our own blog. So here it is!

Second: At FNF Cairo, we are involved in myriad political training programs. We consider it our duty and also responsibility to report about all this in a factual manner in the media mentioned above. With this new blog, we are creating a platform on which we intend to share with our friends and partners  information of a different nature and quality – more personal and, therefore,  subjective comments regarding our projects and programs.

We hope to share with you interesting opinions and comments. Of course, we are also looking forward to entering into a dialogue with you. Because that, we believe, is what blogging is mainly about…

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